So how does it work?

It all starts with an idea

First create an account

As an Idea originator, sign up for a MyCleverIdea account and send us your best ideas. Please give each idea a name or a title and a description and select from a category into which the idea fits. You can also provide a sketch, image or text file to help the assessor recognise the idea’s value.

You can save ideas as works in progress, think about them a bit more, and return to them later before submitting them.

The assessment process

What happens next

Our assessors evaluate ideas for originality, practicality, viability and marketability and send the best ones to up to three companies or organisations, with an invitation to buy.

What happens next
We find a buyer

You receive a payment and recognition

If the invitation is taken up, the buyer pays us and we share half of the money with the originator. The assessor receives a payment and the balance covers our operating costs.

Idea originators also receive a certificate from MyCleverIdea.


You need to know ...

You shouldn’t feel too disappointed if one of your ideas doesn’t find a buyer. Not everybody will assess ideas equally.

Likewise, even a purchased idea is unlikely to reach the market in the form you envisaged, Buyers have the right to take ideas in any direction or not proceed at all.

If you believe your idea is worth more than our reward and would rather attempt to exploit it yourself, we provide a handy DIY guide.

Your idea, your money