Are you full of good ideas?

  1.  How do you make them real How do you make them real?

    You don’t, unless you invest time and money or find somebody to buy your idea

  2. What if we could do that for you? What if we could do that for you?

    We love to receive great ideas because we know how to find good homes for them,

  3. And what if we rewarded you? And what if we rewarded you?

    We search for and find buyers for great ideas and share the rewards with you.

You can trust us with your idea

How we do it?

Near misses are listed in our IdeasBox for subscribers to review and buy. Throughout the process, we keep your personal details confidential.


Sharing with you

If an idea is accepted and paid for by a buyer, you receive a half share. The assessor also receives a payment. The balance covers our overheads. These are one-off payments.

The reward for you as the idea originator is typically £500, together with a certificate of thanks. At this point, the buyer becomes the legal owner of your intellectual property.

Your idea, your money

We do our best

We trust buyers not to steal your ideas, but obviously can’t offer guarantees that the prospective buyer has not already developed something similar.

Nor can we or you be certain that your idea is original, viable, marketable or safe or doesn’t infringe anybody else’s rights.

Earn money for your idea!

What’s to lose? Submit your clever idea now, before it’s forgotten